Haskell for madmen

If you spot a mistake, grammar error or unclear passage, please please open an issue or make a merge request over on my gitlab repository and help me make this tutorial better.


There appears to be some interest in a Haskell tutorial that does not take things slowly, but rather dives right into creating a real-world application, specifically a webserver. In order to do this though, we will need to use monads right from the get-go, and monads are traditionally considered hard.

So I decided to write the tutorial I wished I had in university. It explains the why, not just the how, and it goes pretty bat-shit fast. No taking it slow with the repl here. This tutorial holds you hand, but speeds on the highway while doing so.

And so this tutorial is born: Haskell for madmen.

This tutorial works best with Firefox, as some formulas are written in MathML, but you should be able to make do without them.


Special thanks to the following people for their contributions: